The Top Best

Free Streaming Apps of all time

Now a days everyone holds an Android set in his hands. Most people use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, while the others use YouTube, Snapchat and other popular Android apps.
I have seen many people who love to watch movies and TV shows, so this is the reason I am going to mention some best streaming apps that you can use on your Android set to watch unlimited movies TV shows and any other videos you want.
The streaming services that I am going to mention are the best and top rated on the internet.
Every streaming service provides best content to their users.
Every video in these streaming services are in HD format and you will also feel the best results while watching the videos.
So guys let's get started and I will mention every streaming app one-by-one.

1. Sony Crackle

The first app that I am going to mention is Sony Crackle.
Sony Crackle is the best streaming app and you can watch unlimited TV shows, movies and songs on it.
You can click on this link to visit the official website of Sony crackle and download this app from there.
There is no need to get worried, this is a free app you can use it on your Android set at anytime you want.

2. ShowBox

The second one is showbox which is the most popular app in the whole United States.
This is not a legal app, but you can still use it if it is live.
Copyrighted content is available on this app, this is the reason that it gets banned after some days.
You can enjoy every type of videos on this app.
Every video on this app is in HD format and the quality is 4K.
Another good option is that you can also enable the subtitles of the video you are watching.
You can easily download this app by visiting on these websites that I am going to mention.
These are the best sources from where you can easily download this app and use it on your Android phone.

3. Movie Box

Movie box is the third most popular app that contains awesome content.

You can run this app on your Android device, iPhone, PC and also on PlayStation.
It is easy to use and the navigation this app is very good.
The interface of this app is user-friendly and eye-catchy.
You can download Movie Box App easily by visiting on these sites.

These are the websites that you should open when you want to download Movie Box app.

4. Cinema Box

Cinema box is another free streaming app that you can use on your Android phone.
This app is popular because of its awesome content and every video uploaded on this app is free of cost.
You just need a good internet connection to watch videos on this app.
You can create a list of your favorite videos and watch them later.
This app is also available in PC, PlayStation and in XBOX series.
Every video on this app is of 720 pixels and some videos are even in 1080 pixels.
You can easily download this app by following the links given below.

5. Play Box HD

Playbox HD is also a wonderful app and you can also watch cartoons on this app.
The content on this app is updated regularly and you can watch every new video that is released newly.
There is another good option and I like it very much, you can download the videos you like and watch them offline at any time you want.
This app is compatible with Android and iPhone, you cannot use this app on Firestick and Mac.
You can use the BlueStacks emulator to run this app on your PC.
These are some best resources from where you can easily download this app.

There is no need to sign up to use this app, you can just open this App and watch and endless content include in it.

These were some best streaming apps I have talked about and you can use them at anytime you want. Just you need a good internet connection and you are good to go. If you have any questions related to free streaming services then you can ask by contacting us.